pisture of a mains distribution unit
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MDU-2X7 Single/Dual inlet, Split load - high current professional unit

All of the features of our MDU-14 standard professional unit with the addition of individual power switches for each of the 14 outlets!

One or Two mains inlets distributing to 2 x 7 IEC outlets, Two power switches, one for the first group of 7 outlets & one for the second group of 7 outlets, each of the 14 outlets has a dedicated fuse for overload protection and an indicator LED to allow easy identification of failed fuses.

This unit is effectively two independent 7 way MDU's in a single 1U package! Splitting the load like this allows for much higher overall current capability than our single inlet, professional unit (MDU-14). This unit is the perfect solution for lower voltage supplies, 90VAC (Japan) 120VAC (USA) where cable voltage drop & power factors are much more of an issue.

1 x Neutrik powercon 32 Amp (NAC3-2 series, BS7671 section 607)
or 2 x Neutrik powercon inlets (NAC3 series)
2 x 16 Amp total current (32 Amps total)
2 x 7 IEC outlets (14 outlets total)
2 x Positive break, double pole illuminated power switches
(2 x circuit breaker power switches option available)
Individual T5A HBC fuse for each outlet
Individual LED indicator for each outlet
Heavy duty Cable tie bar
1U 19 inch aluminium Rack-mounting case
Double anodised front panel - dark blue/silver finish
Large ID pads - option for label strip
Complies with European safety standards EN60730-1 and EN60950
90-240VAC operation

Image displaying a Neutik Connector

Image displaying Neutik Connectors

Image displaying a Neutik powercon Connector

Image displaying Neutik Powercon Connectors

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