pisture of a mains distribution unit
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MDU-14-ET External Trip Unit

All of the features of our MDU-14 standard professional unit with the addition of a highly versatile external trip & manual reset feature! Auto reset mode enables unit to be remotely powered up & down. Fully featured yet simple to setup & use gives this MDU incredible flexibility.

For situations where over-current protection by its self is just not enough, over/under temperature, over/under pressure - you name it, this unit can do it! This is a product waiting for applications!

Test set-ups
Fire alarm, emergency power shutdown
Process control
Lighting control
Audio systems

External Trip (manual reset)
Sensors can be temperature, thermostat, pressure, light, Pir, sound, proximity, position, fire alarm - (or any combination) in fact any type can be used to safely shutdown power when predefined limits are reached! Manual intervention is then required to restore power to equipment.

Remote Control (auto reset)
This features allows power up & down from a wide variety of sources such as PCs, timers, remotely located switches, fire alarm panels, etc.

Sensor types
Sensors can be closing contact n/c, or n/o operation. Alternatively low voltage DC feed either volts present to switch on, or volts present to switch off.

Manual reset
Manual reset intervention is by front panel located push-button switch or remotely located push-button switch. This function is redundant when operating in auto reset mode.

Control Relay
Switching relay is 16 Amps Double Pole switching.

Sensor status (active) indicator
Manual reset switch
Sensor type switch (hidden)
Sensor invert switch (hidden)
Auto reset switch (hidden)
'Auto reset selected' indicator
Alarm fail outputs
Remote sensor control
Remote reset control
Low current 240VAC control input
120VAC version available

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