pisture of a mains distribution unit
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MDU14 Standard Professional Unit

Single mains inlet distributing to 14 IEC outlets, One power switch operates up to 14 pieces of equipment, each of the 14 outlets has a dedicated fuse for overload protection and an indicator LED to allow easy identification of failed fuses.

Neutrik powerconn inlet
16 Amp total current
14 IEC outlets
Positive break, double pole illuminated power switch
Individual T5A HBC fuse for each outlet
Individual LED indicator for each outlet
Heavy duty Cable tie bar
1U 19 inch aluminium Rack-mounting case
Double anodised front panel - dark blue/silver finish
Large ID pads - option for label strip
Complies with European safety standards EN60730-1 and EN60950
90-240VAC operation

Click here to download MDU-14 technical information

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