pisture of a mains distribution unit
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MDU-2-32 High Inrush Limiter (Soft start)

Provides effective reduction of inrush current on power up.
Eliminates nuisance tripping of RCD's & MCB's where large numbers of switch mode power supplies are powered up at the same time.
This unit can replace the more traditional sequenced MDU in most circumstances.This unit contains two independent 32 Amp switching systems within a single 1U rack-mounting enclosure.

Rear panel
2 x Neutrik 32A inlets
2 x Neutrik 32A outlets (when available) Hardwired with 4mm sq. wire in mean time
2 x voltage selector switch 115/230 VAC

Front panel
2 x Rocker power switch (control only - non load bearing)
2 x High intensity green LED mains 'on' indicators (located inside power switch)
2 x Green LED for indication of Status 1 'on'
2 x Blue LED for indication of Status 2 'on'
2 x Yellow LED for indication of leak protection 'off'
2 x Red LED for indication of thermal protection 'active'

Reduces inrush current by 2/3
Fully compatible with V-Strip40-32 & all other MDU's
Suitable for Capacitive & Inductive loads
Max load current 2 x 32 Amps
Surge current (16.6ms), 2 x 1000Apk
Protection fuse, 2 x T32A HBC 32mm ceramic
internal dual linear power supply with toroidal transformer
Input voltage range (115VAC selected), 80-130VAC
Input voltage range (230VAC selected), 160-260VAC
Mains inlet & outlet filtering
Thermal Protection
Cool running
Double pole switching system
Dual Multi-Function Panel Meter option (2 x MPM1-32)
Dual Fail Alarm output

Click here to download high inrush limiter technical information

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